ENFP: So Enthusiastic!

ENFPs are passionate people who love jumping head-first into new projects. They thrive in the world of ideas and have a talent for seeing connections between seemingly unrelated concepts. ENFPs are warm, expressive and welcoming. While forming meaningful connections with people is a priority for this type, they tend to find small talk draining, preferring to discuss topics such as your future aspirations or biggest fears.

ENFPs have a glass-half-full approach to life and will openly discuss their dreams with contagious enthusiasm. They crave a life of varied experiences, excitement and emotional intensity. This often leads ENFPs on a series of adventures, each that come with their own story.

When it comes to relationships, ENFPs are happy leaving their options open until they find someone they connect with on a deep level. When they do find that person, they’ll have no qualms about committing. True love is one of the most exhilarating concepts for an ENFP. Sometimes their friendly nature is mistaken for flirting…But that’s just ENFPs for you.

Ideal date: Go with the flow and sit in the sandy dunes watching the sun set with a bottle of rosé.

Best matches: INTJ: So Strategic & INFJ: So Thoughtful.


  • Enthusiastic
  • Curious
  • Warm
  • Creative


  • Impractical
  • Unpredictable
  • Overthinkers
  • Lack of follow-through