INTJ: So Strategic!

INTJs are one of the rarest personality types. They’re the ultimate strategists and view life almost like a chess game, carefully considering the risk-reward profile of their decisions. INTJs are able to mix logic with innovation, and using this unique combination to improve efficiencies comes naturally to this type, be it for larger projects or for minor things in their everyday lives.

INTJs can be viewed by others as pessimistic, but it’s not that they try to look for the bad. It’s just that they have a unique ability to foresee long-term future outcomes and therefore predict hurdles further down the line that most others are not able to anticipate. But when INTJs do decide that a goal is worth pursuing, they’ll work tirelessly to achieve it with laser focus.

When it comes to relationships, INTJs often have clearly defined criteria for potential partners, but the planned approach that works so well in most other areas of their lives is often less applicable to relationships. Once they find someone that they truly connect with, they will be deeply loyal and devoted partners.

Ideal date: A table set for two to enjoy fabulous food and a fun night at a candlelit dinner.

Best matches: ENFP: So Curious & ENTP: So Visionary.


  • Dedicated
  • Imaginative
  • Knowledgeable
  • Resourceful


  • Intolerant
  • Insensitive
  • Arrogant
  • Stubborn