23 Hilarious Personality Type Memes For Everyone

22 Hilarious personality type memes MBTI

Do you love memes as much as you love personality types? If so, then you’re going to love this blog post. We’ve collected 23 of the funniest personality type memes out there. Whether you’re an INFJ or an ESTP, we guarantee that you’ll find something here that will make you laugh.

When it comes to the 16 personality types, each type has individual characteristics that make them unique. ENFJs are giving, INFJs are thoughtful, ENFPs are curious, and INFPs are unique. Meanwhile, ESTPs are adventurous, ISTPs are practical, ESFPs are fun, and ISFPs are artistic. ENTJs are ambitious, INTJs are strategic, ENTPs are visionary, and INTPs are logical. Finally, ESTJs are dedicated, ISTJs are dependable, ESFJs are supportive, and ISFJs are nurturing. As you’ll see from these personality type memes, every type has its own characteristics (both good and bad!) that make them who they are.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, or you just want to see which personality type memes resonate with you, then check out these funny and relatable personality type memes. If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test.

Individual personality type memes

1. ENFJ: There’s nothing that an ENFJ won’t do for you. Equal parts social butterfly and fearless leader, ENFJs commit themselves to their loved ones wholeheartedly (even if that comes at the expense of their own needs!). With all that generosity comes a conflict-averse nature, and a tendency to be a teensy bit manipulative…You can also check out 28 Funny Memes Any ENFJ Will Relate To.

ENFJ MBTI memes personality type memes
Source: @enfj.memes

2. INFJ: Complex individuals who have a strong desire to help others and make the world a better place. INFJs are known as the rarest type of them all. Their ability to read people and their emotions is unmatched, making them incredibly empathetic. This does, however cause issues when those emotions become overwhelming. But on the whole, they are thoughtful and considerate people. You can also check out 28 Funny Memes Any INFJ Will Relate To.

INFJ MBTI memes Me when I try to comfort someone Empath Intuitive INFJ
Source: @infjstruggle

3. ENFP: Passionate free spirits who love jumping head-first into new projects, ENFPs thrive in the world of ideas and possibilities. They are naturally warm, welcoming people. It’s easy to be drawn to an ENFP due to their people skills and natural charisma. However, this creativity can make them a little bit unpredictable and easily distracted. Why not check out 28 Funny Memes Any ENFP Will Relate To?

4. INFP: INFPs are known to be creative and complex individuals who have a calming presence. They are adaptable and easy-going most of the time, but when a strongly held value is challenged, they will fight tooth and nail for what they believe in. INFPs are natural daydreamers and love to live in their heads, but this can sometimes mean they end up being a little bit unrealistic. If you want to learn more then check out 28 Funny Memes Any INFP Will Relate To?

5. ESTP: ESTPs have an abundance of charisma, a strong presence, and a willingness to take risks. They are comfortable in the spotlight, and they certainly know how to entertain. ESTPs are doers, and they much prefer to just crack on and learn through trial and error, which is why this meme perfectly captures the day-to-day life of an ESTP. Every day is an opportunity for learning and adventure for people of this type! Check out 28 Funny Memes Any ESTP Will Relate To

Source: @estp_personality

6. ISTP: ISTPs are the coolest of the cool, and they are known for taking life as it comes. Easy-going and straightforward, they see little point in overthinking or worrying about situations that can’t be changed, so quite simply, they don’t. They’re solution-driven people who are usually extremely practical but they do tend to get bored easily! Why not check out 28 Funny Memes Any ISTP Will Relate To

Source: @sosyncd

7. ESFP: ESFPs are known for bringing positivity to the lives of others with their energetic and fun-loving nature. They are social butterflies who enjoy nothing more than having a great time with a group of friends, and they are natural performers. In addition, they aren’t afraid of the spotlight and are some of the best storytellers out there. However, good luck keeping their attention in one place! Check out 28 Funny Memes Any ESFP Will Relate To

ESFP meme MBTI personality types
Source: @sosyncd

8. ISFP: ISFPs are the personality type who would love nothing more than to sit on the beach watching a beautiful sunset and listening to the sound of the sea. In a nutshell, they are creative and have a strong appreciation for visual aesthetics. Plus, they have a special connection with nature and often see beauty where others do not. Just don’t ask them to make a decision or get organized any time soon! Why not check out 28 Funny Memes Any ISFP Will Relate To

ISFP funny personality type

9. ENTJ: ENTJs project an air of confidence and authority that draws people in. They are motivated individuals who work hard to achieve their goals. In fact, they are arguably the most determined and decisive personality type. These traits, with a healthy dose of charisma, make them natural-born leaders. They can be ruthless and stubborn but my goodness they get the job done! Check out 28 Funny Memes Any ENTJ Will Relate To

10. INTJ: INTJs are the ultimate strategists. They view life like a chess game, carefully considering the risk-reward profile of each and every decision. People of the INTJ personality type are both logical and innovative. As natural problem-solvers, they often prioritize logic, and that’s why this meme encapsulates how INTJs act when faced with needing to offer emotional support. Check out 28 Funny Memes Any INTJ Will Relate To

11. ENTP: ENTPs are dynamic individuals who have a thirst for learning and are quick to question how things are done. Plus, they often have a wide range of interests and a hoard of knowledge about obscure topics. If there’s one defining trait of an ENTP, it’s that they like to dive into projects head-first, and when they’re passionate about something, there’s no stopping them! This does, however, make them a little bit argumentative and stubborn! Why not check out 28 Funny Memes Any ENTP Will Relate To?

ENTP stubborn always right

12. INTP: These complex intellectuals love nothing more than digging into concepts and seeking truths. Thorough and rigorous, INTPs have an internal framework of knowledge to carefully vet new information for validity. This is because accepting false information feels wrong to INTPs on many levels. They’re not ones to settle for anything less than perfect! You can also check out 28 Funny Memes Any INTP Will Relate To?

INTPs when you say accuracy doesn't matter
Source: @intpcomedy

13. ESTJ: ESTJs are 100% dedicated individuals who take great pleasure in bringing order and structure to their surroundings. With a methodical approach to life, ESTJs feel most comfortable when there are established procedures in place. If there aren’t existing protocols, ESTJs will quite happily take the initiative to implement them. They’ll work hard and take the lead at the drop of a hat. Just don’t ask them to change their plans at the last minute. You can also check out 28 Funny Memes Any ESTJ Will Relate To?

ESTJ personality type funny organized
Source: @sosyncd

14. ISTJ: People of this type are known for being dutiful, logical, and practical. When an ISTJ says they will do something, you can rely on them to get it done, and they won’t gloss over any of the details. ISTJs take their responsibilities very seriously, and they aren’t the type to cancel plans an hour before you’re meant to meet up. They’ll come up with a step-by-step plan for whatever task you give them, but they can toe the line between determined and stubborn. For more ISTJ memes, check out 28 Funny Memes Any ISTJ Will Relate To.

ISTJ meme - traditions and rules
Source: @istjmemes

15. ESFJ: People of the ESFJ personality type are the ultimate social butterflies. ESFJs make the best hosts because they are highly adept at picking up on social subtleties, and they instinctively notice body language and tone of voice. Being highly aware of social boundaries, they know exactly what is acceptable in various circumstances, and they tailor their behavior to meet the expectations of people around them. You can always rely on an ESFJ to organize the group holiday! Why not check out 28 Funny Memes Any ESFJ Will Relate To?

ESFJ personality type organized fun
Source: @sosyncd

16. ISFJ: ISFJs have a natural talent for making everyone feel comfortable and have strong organizational skills. People of this personality type are natural hosts. In addition, they are a unique mixture of being introverted yet people-oriented, which is why this meme is so relatable if you’re an ISFJ. As one of the most nurturing personality types, ISFJs are naturally drawn to helping others, and their generosity knows no bounds. They do, however, have perfectionist tendencies and can be oversensitive at times. Learn more with our 28 Funny Memes Any ISFJ Will Relate To.

ISFJ personality type MBTI memes
Source: @sosyncd

General personality type memes

17. Ever wondered what the difference is between iNtuitives versus Sensors? I think I’ve found the perfect 16 personality types meme to sum it up for you…

intuitives versus sensors mbti personality type meme
Source: @mbti_memes

18. And if you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between Judging and Percieving personality types, look no further than this perfect personality type meme…

Judging versus Perceiving personality type funny
Source: @mbti_memes

19. A dinner table with all of the 16 personality types… let the games commence. I love this personality type meme.

Source: @mbti.types

20. I don’t know how… but all of this is accurate.

Source: @enfp_qualitymemes

21. Most dangerous type? See how your personality type fairs in this meme!

mbti memes most dangerous personality types ranked
Source: @sosyncd

22. “What’s that? Stop talking about personality types? Sorry, didn’t hear you…That sounds like an ESTP thing to say, in my opinion…” – Me every day to anyone I meet.

personality type memes
Source: @sosyncd

23. Are you a schemer, member, dreamer, teamer, or regime-r?

mbti memes mean girls personality type
Source: @enfp_qualitymemes

We hope you enjoyed these hilarious and relatable personality type memes! We love every one of the 16 personality types and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for each personality type to find someone who gets them.

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